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We raise the standard of living for every Pasco citizen by balancing our population growth with attracting and retaining quality businesses. This helps keep taxes down! Making sure that existing businesses and new development is built to standards and maintained increases our curb appeal as a city. Promoting business growth creates jobs, produces revenue, and improves the quality of life for us all. It also makes our community more attractive to visitors and tourists. As your Planning Commissioner, I have voted in favor of local businesses. It is my priority to attract and support businesses in Pasco because this is the way we keep our taxes down. One way in which I have done this is to work with business owners when they are in the permitting process. Another way I have ensured that residents benefit from our commercial tax base, is by retaining commercial land.


Promoting mobility across Pasco is a priority for all residents of Pasco, from the youngest to the eldest. People need bicycle lanes to get to and from home, school, and parks. Car owners need to get to work without traffic delays, and pedestrians need safe, continuous sidewalk access. I am particularly proud of my work on the following: I have voted for 8 consecutive years, to approve federal grant spending towards improvement of our sidewalks per ADA requirements. I have voted in approval of the Master Bike Plan, to implement bicycle lanes city wide. I have voted in favor of making bike paths continuous throughout this region for recreational purposes, connecting our rivers to ridges. In Downtown Pasco, I voted in favor of sidewalk repairs because of tree roots. I have elevated the concern about DOT needing to provide sidewalks along Road 100 for Delta students who walk to lunch. I have advocated for the need of more public transportation stops within our growing Pasco.


I have a Masters in Education, to say that education is important to me is an understatement. Education is the great equalizer and it is the one guaranteed way that an individual can transcend their economic position in life. Providing quality public schools is a service that this great nation codified before its Independence. I will continue to promote this value and this service to our citizens because it is intrinsically and extrinsically rewarding for the town as a whole. As a planning commissioner, I have voted in favor of school impact fees so that new families that move here, contribute their fair share to our increasing school populations.